An ethical, animal-focused approach to beef production


Haltorre Farms is committed to an ethical, animal-focused approach to beef production. Working with a select network of local family-owned farms, our small-scale operation allows us to give every animal individual attention to ensure precision nutrition and health monitoring from birth.

We believe this is not only a more compassionate way to raise animals, but also responds to our growing need as consumers to understand how and where our food is produced. Moreover, it supports independent Island farmers and provides our customers with a second-to-none product that they can feel good about.


Our small network of farms raises some of the world’s top beef cattle breeds, including Charolais, Simmental, Angus, and Hereford, to produce exceptionally flavourful, tender meat.

Our registered, pure-bred animals are naturally raised and grass fed on high quality pastures surrounding Pownal Bay. Their diets are supplemented with an organic grain-corn mix and an Island-produced kelp meal, which enhances their digestion and immune systems. Raised in small herds in a stress-free environment, our animals’ well-being is at the core of all we do!


We take tremendous pride in producing a premium product that our customers will appreciate and savour.

      • Demand-based processing

      • Aged to peak flavour and tenderness

      • Custom cuts by a local provincially-certified butcher

      • Minimal, vacuum-sealed packaging for freshness