The Rise of the Charolais Breed

Charolais cattle are one of the primary breeds raised at Haltorre Farms.

The Charolais breed was originally developed in the Charlolles district of central France.

These distinct animals, which are traditionally white with pink noses and a tuft of hair on the top of their heads, are one of the oldest of the French cattle breeds. Developed in the district around Charolles in central France, the breed became highly regarded in the markets at Lyon and Villefranche in the 16th and 17th centuries.

After becoming well established throughout France, the breed was exported to the western hemisphere, first to South America in the late 1870s and eventually to Canada in the 1950s when Wayne Malmberg imported Charolais crosses into his Alberta ranch. The potential of the Charolais breed was quickly realized, and the Canadian Charolais Association was formally recognized as a Breed Association under the Livestock Pedigree Act of Canada in 1960.

Today, the Charolais top all breeds in nearly every category of performance in the records of beef performance testing organizations. They exhibit superior natural liveweight gain for age, tremendous muscling, an easy to manage temperament, and excellent meat conformation.


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