About Us

Haltorre Farms is a small network of independent cattle farms in the Cherry Valley region of Prince Edward Island. We breed and raise registered, pure-bred Charolais cattle.  The total herd will approach 200 to 300 by end 2025. ​

Our pure-bred Charolais are naturally raised on the rich pastures surrounding Pownal Bay.

We are committed to a sustainable, small-scale approach to breeding and raising cattle. Our animals are naturally raised and grass fed on high quality pastures surrounding Pownal Bay. Their diets are supplemented with an organic grain-corn mix and an Island-produced kelp meal, which enhances their digestion and immune systems. Raised in small herds in a stress-free environment, our animals’ well-being is at the core of all we do.

This approach is not only a more compassionate way to raise animals but also produces premium, second-to-none beef that our customers can feel good about.