Our Advantage

Historically, the Cherry Valley region was one of the prime locations for raising beef cattle on Prince Edward Island. The soil surrounding Pownal Bay has a clay base, which retains water and leads to fast, fresh-growing marsh hay. This provides natural, pesticide-free, and abundant grazing for our cattle.

The clay soils surrounding Pownal Bay produce a nutrient-rich marsh hay.

In addition to their primary grass diet, our cattle are fed rich mixes of protein and fiber from known natural and trusted sources. They receive supplements of an organic grain-corn mix and an Island-produced natural kelp meal, which enhances their digestion, immune systems, and birthing yields. All feed sources, amounts, and schedules are tracked and monitored.

Pure-bred Charolais heifers

An animal-focused approach

Haltorre has proven processes for delivering the best possible care for every animal.  Our customized health formulation platform tracks and controls the nutrition and health characteristics of each individual cow from birth, including documented certified genetic markers for each cow. This provides an optimal program of precision health and nutrition, and precisely determines and satisfies the needs of each animal throughout their life. 

Our animal veterinary care is provided by seasoned and renowned veterinary physicians. Our herd’s health is further supported by a Concierge Animal Practice that allows our vets and breeders to source expert opinions from other veterinarians, breeders, animal nutritionists, feed product vendors, and bovine specialists from around the globe.