The Haltorre Club

Good things happen when great food and interesting, passionate people come together.

Haltorre Farms is building a one-of-a-kind community around exceptional farm-to-table food and networking opportunities.

Our members are part of an exclusive club that values sustainable and ethically-produced food, supporting local producers, and connecting with people from diverse professional, business, and creative backgrounds.

As the club gets started, our members receive:

– Made-to-order boxes* of premium, grass- and natural supplement-fed beef in their favorite custom cuts

– Inspired, easy-to-make recipes

– To-the-door delivery

– A regular club newsletter

*During our initial pilot phase (2020-2021), members will simply pay for their order (based on per pound pricing for each type of cut). In future phases, an annual membership fee will be applied to support a broader range of member benefits.

But we’re just getting started…

As our community grows, so too will the benefits and rewards to our members. As part of an annual club membership, members will enjoy:

– Members-only business mixers, annual club BBQs, and Farm Day events

– Private social media channels

– An expanded inventory of fresh, local, sustainably-produced foods (e.g., lamb, potatoes, oysters, vegetables, berries, etc.)

– A copy of Weber’s New American Barbeque recipe book ($40 retail value)

– Exclusive merchandise

– Member discounts on purchases from Bantry Bay Merchantile

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